How To Become a Guest on the Agency Ahead Podcast

Thank you for your interest in our little podcast.

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We’d love for you to join our host Garrett Sussman, Head of Content at Traject, share a cup of coffee, and dive into emerging strategies, thought leadership, and changing industry trends.

Our audience

Traject is a suite of digital marketing tools for agencies to help drive growth for their clients. Naturally, with a name like Agency Ahead, our audience is primarily comprised of digital marketing agency owners, employees, and their clients.

Now the demographics of our agency audience? They range the gamut. We have hardworking, gritty grinding, solo hustlers, freelancers, and consultants. We’ve got that entrepreneurial influencer agency, building their brand, their services, their expertise. Boutique agencies? Check. 

Ultimately, our audience loves practical suggestions they can implement, industry news that has flown under the radar, and forward-thinking strategies (especially in the context of the pandemic where nobody knows exactly what they should be doing.)

Topics we love

While we enjoy covering everything digital marketing, we’d love to zero in on the topics most relevant to our audience:

Who we’re looking for

Honestly, if you have something interesting to say, we’d love to have you. Personal experience is always going to have value to us and our audience. If you are considered an expert in your area of focus, even better.

Ideally, you’d have an example of a podcast that you’ve been a guest on that you can submit in your application. If you haven’t,  simply record a 1-5 minute session discussing your topic of interest and include a link in your submission.

How to submit a podcast guest application

Fill out the form below to be considered. We’ll reach out within 1-2 business days to let you know if it’s the right fit.

If you’re accepted, we will send you a calendar link to schedule your 30-minute interview.

Once the interview is complete, we will let you know the publish date and shoot over the published interview and blog post with show notes so you can get the word out!

Please submit any questions to [email protected]