Email Marketing For Agencies: 7 Amazing Examples To Get You Inspired for 2021

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Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient tools businesses use to boost their lead generation, nurture their audience, and drive it a step further down their funnel.

While that’s the case, agencies are still trying to find the recipe to help them succeed through email marketing.

Out there, you’ll find numerous email marketing examples that agencies have created for a client.

Some of them are out of this world. But, does this also apply for email marketing for agencies?

Well, in a recent podcast about email marketing with Sujan Patel, the Co-Founder of WebProfits stressed out that email marketing can help agencies target their audience most effectively.

Despite the benefits, agencies still have a difficult time implementing a consistent email marketing strategy.

Failing to set the right marketing KPIs or making common mistakes are usually two factors affecting this trend.

So, to give you a helping hand, today, we’ll analyze seven email marketing examples for agencies to help you nail yours in 2021.

Let’s begin!

1. Ignite Visibility - Confirmation Email Example

A great email starts when you get your hands on a great email marketing service like Moosend or Mailchimp.

With a user-friendly platform, you’ll get equipped with unique features to create and send targeted email messages to your audience.

But before you send those webinars, lead nurturing or blog post update campaigns, make sure to find a way to keep your list clean.

When it comes to list building, I can’t stress enough the importance of list hygiene.

To do just that, Ignite Visibility uses double opt-in to keep their list free of fake email addresses.

So, the first email you’ll get from the agency when you join their newsletter is this:

The above email marketing example for agencies is simple and straightforward for the subscriber to take action.

More specifically, here’s what Ignite Visibility does right:

  • The email copy is short and clear.
  • The CTA is conveniently placed after the “Please Confirm Subscription” to increase clicks.
  • The logo is prominently displayed on top of the message to highlight the origin of the email.
  • The agency lets the subscriber know that they won’t be added to an email list unless they click on the confirmation link.
  • Ignite Visibility includes an email address to contact the agency for further details.

Double opt-in is essential to keep your list clean and increase your email deliverability.

So, as a general tip, make sure to keep your confirmation messages short and straightforward.

All your subscribers need to do is click on your CTA and become verified members of your list.

And like Ignite Visibility, adding your agency logo will also remind them who you are and what you want them to do.

2. Rock Candy Media - Welcome Email Example

Now that your email subscribers are in, you have to greet them.

How? With a beautiful welcome email, of course.

Crafting effective welcome campaigns that intrigue your subscribers and land you more clicks is essential for your agency.

To give you an idea, here’s an unconventional welcome email marketing example for agencies by Rock Candy Media:

This is one of the most unconventional welcome emails I’ve received from an agency.

Not only does the message have its own personality, but it is also a great way to start the agency’s onboarding series.

Here’s what makes this welcome email intriguing:

  • It has bold copy that starts with “YOU SHOULD BE NERVOUS.”
  • The animated notebook adds motion to the message.
  • The email shows recipients the next step, which is to schedule a meeting.
  • Until the agency gets in touch with the potential client, the email leads them to a dedicated page to find out more about it.

Welcome emails like this Rock Candy media’s break free from the traditional welcome email series you’ve seen.

Being bold and creative will help you stand out in your recipient’s inbox and give them a taste of what you’re capable of.

Keep in mind that a first great impression will help them move a little further down your marketing funnel and even contact your first!

So, when you are about to send your welcome message to onboard them, be innovative and creative to pique their curiosity.

3. Prototype - Educational Email Marketing Example

Free resources offered through lead magnets are an effective way to increase your newsletter signup rate.

In this example by Prototype, you can see how the agency has created an online form to educate their potential clients through a free guide.

The form is simple and attractive. And as you can see, visitors can complete it in just a few seconds.

So, what happens when your visitor fills in their email and click on the button?

Well, the next step is to give them what you promised.

In this case, I received Prototype’s email a few moments after I hit the “Download Now” button.

This email marketing example by Prototype is precisely what a user wants to see.

First of all, the message is straightforward, the CTA stands out, and it matches the form they engaged with a few minutes ago.

What’s more, the email includes a personalized greeting to make the recipient feel valued.

But apart from that, the agency also adds three links to its social media channels.

This is a great practice, especially if you have an engaged Facebook or LinkedIn audience.

For example, integrating email marketing and Facebook marketing can help you retarget your audience and increase the size of your mailing list.

Furthermore, what’s interesting is that after I downloaded the guide, I received another email from Prototype:

This time, the agency encouraged me to download a case study, which adds to the knowledge I got from the free guide.

Furthermore, this email marketing example is spot on in terms of relevancy, showing the new subscriber how the agency helped another client succeed.

4. First Page Digital - Email Signature Example

Now, I want us to focus on something that many agencies usually forget about.

While you might have come up with an excellent copy, a converting CTA, and astonishing visuals, you shouldn’t forget your email signature.

Your agency’s signature will allow you to brand your messages and show how professional you are.

To give you an idea of how vital your email signature is, let’s take a closer look at Prototype’s from our previous email marketing example for agencies:

This email signature is a little too simple, especially for new subscribers who want to see who sent them the email.

Of course, you have their name and the job position of the sender.

Nevertheless, if you want to make yourself look professional and give your agency a boost, you should go the extra mile like First Page Digital here:

First Page Digital takes their email signature to the next level by:

  • Having a clear email signature structure.
  • Adding a professional picture of the sender.
  • Infusing the signature with a book a meeting CTA.
  • Including a business phone number along with the agency’s website and physical address.
  • Boosting the agency’s legitimacy through social proof.

Especially for that last point, First Page Digital knows what their potential leads want to know before hiring them.

So, adding a link to their testimonial page and showing their Google Partner badge will sweeten the deal.

As you can see, a professional-looking email signature that has all of the above will offer your recipient everything they need to know about your agency.

For this reason, don’t forget to pay attention to your email signature as it will help you boost your conversions and make a great first impression.

5. Siege Media - Blog Post Update Example

Writing great content is one of the best strategies to promote your services, educate your audience, and rank for specific keywords.

So, when you combine it with email marketing, you can effectively increase your lead generation and earn your subscribers’ appreciation.

If you have a consistent posting schedule on your blog, then you need to let your visitors know when you post a new relevant piece and what it is about.

So, to let your subscribers receive your campaigns, you need a newsletter signup form to capture their email address.

Siege Media, here, has a simple form to capture their reader’s attention:

The red CTA attracts visitors’ attention, incentivizing them to add their email address.

Later on, Siege Media will add the new subscriber to their list and target them with the following email marketing example:

First of all, the message is simple and information, whereas the red color catches the eye the moment you open it.

However, the copy and color aren’t the only things that make this campaign effective.

To increase its open and click-through rate, Siege Media goes for a plain-text format to ensure readability on all devices.

Short, simple, and with a splash of color, this is one of the best email marketing examples for agencies that you can copy to promote your new content.

6. WebFX - Blog Structured Newsletter Example

Promoting content through a short blog post update email is one of the most common practices that agencies and businesses use.

However, agencies like WebFX have a slightly different approach:


As you can see in this email marketing example, the agency structured its email campaign like a blog post.

While this example goes against what we talked about earlier about keeping your emails short and straightforward, WebFX uses this campaign to:

  • Engage its subscribers without leaving their inbox.
  • Educate them on the spot.
  • Use the CTA to promote its service.

Innovative? Sure. But is it effective?

Well, everything about email marketing is a process of trial and error.

If you want to structure your emails as blog posts, you need to make them responsive and easy-to-read.

What’s more, adding images will make it more attractive and less tiring.

And speaking of that, if you want to follow WebFX’s example, make sure to avoid any common grammar mistakes.

Some of the most popular writing tools like Grammarly already offer Chrome extensions to help you catch those mistakes before sending your emails!

Educating your audience and showing them the benefits of choosing your service is essential to succeed.

So, experimenting with your structure and delivering engaging content in their inbox is a great way to do it.

7. Infinity Nation - Holiday Email Marketing Example

The holidays are always a busy time when hundreds of eCommerce stores and B2C businesses send millions of emails to offer discounts.

If you think that the holidays aren’t a great time to get in touch with your clients, you’re wrong.

While agencies don’t have a physical product to promote, you can grab the opportunity to craft a highly-engaging message for your new and existing clients.

Here’s a simple email marketing example for agencies by Infinity Nation:

This email has one purpose: keep in touch with your subscribers during a busy time.

Does Infinity Nation’s email work? Well, let’s see what they got right:

  • Jingle bells, jingle bells
  • .
  • A short and sweet message for the holidays.
  • Beautiful visuals that make the email look like a Christmas card.
  • Social media buttons to encourage engagement through social platforms.

Keeping in touch with your clients is very important to create bonds with them.

So, if there’s a special occasion, you can create a beautiful email to wish them well, show them you care, and strengthen your client-agency relationships.

What You Need To Avoid

After looking at some of the best email marketing examples for agencies, I want to draw your attention to a few mistakes that can break your email marketing strategy.

Sometimes email marketers might be carried away and include more CTAs in a single email than needed.

While I understand that you want your new subscribers to take action, this isn’t really what you need to increase your B2B lead generation.

A single CTA accompanied by a clear message will work wonders for your agency.

To see how adding multiple links can break it, let’s take a look at this welcome email example:

When a recipient opens this email, the video is the first thing they see.

Videos and email marketing can be a very efficient combo. All you need is a good video marketing tool, and you’re ready to excite them with your content!

However, when they scroll further down, they’ll come across four links leading to different pages.

Of course, it’s understandable that you want your subscriber to know who you are.

In this case, though, adding all these links will probably distract your recipient, who might forget to go back to your email.

Not only that but at the bottom of the email, you’ll also find a different CTA to get started.

However, to get there, the email subscriber will have to go through numerous CTA buttons and links:

Your email campaign should be as straightforward as possible to help your recipient take action.

Taking them down to the CTA city where the links are blue, and the distractions are plenty, won’t work.

If you want to nail your campaigns, create simple messages with one or two CTAs.

As the Mandalorian you’d have said (if he was an email marketer), “this is the email marketing way.”


Looking at some of the best email marketing examples for agencies will get you inspired and help you avoid some common mistakes.

To come up with a great email campaign, you need to pay attention to your copy, visuals, and CTAs.

Whether it is a welcome email or a seasonal campaign, your emails will help you nurture your clients and build better relationships that will last.

So, if you are about to create your next campaign for your agency, don’t forget to check the above examples and use them to power up your email marketing campaign.

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