Introducing Traject: A word from our CEO

Today is a truly exciting day at ASG Martech.

When we invested in our first marketing technology business in 2018 ( we would never have imagined the growth and scale that would unfold so quickly. The past two years have been something of a blur. We completed eight more acquisitions, created four key product pillars, and served over 10,000 agency and in-house clients in less than a year. Many people on our team have worked so tirelessly to make this happen. To all of them I am so grateful for all their hard work, late nights and genuine trust and faith in the future.

As we got involved in more product categories such as social media management, SEO, and data analytics, we recognized that many of the challenges faced by our customers could be served by our expanding product line. We had already brought all of these businesses into one shared management structure and the realization hit that we needed to unite under a  new brand that both represented the way we thought about our business and also showed the market what our products represented. The strategy was fairly simple – arrange a number of “best of breed” point solutions into an integrated suite of products under one brand.

That day has arrived, with Traject. Not only does this launch give us one umbrella to build a single, highly integrated company but it also aligns our strategy around building and growing our suite of marketing products to better service our agency and in-house customers. Traject is the distillation of the energy we feel in marketing technology today. Our products help enable agencies and businesses to grow their revenue. Up and to the right is the trajectory that our products unleash.

At Traject we pride ourselves on being optimistic. While the world is a complicated place, we believe tomorrow will be better than today. We will continue to invest in our products, in our people, in our planet and, most importantly, in our customers. Improving the way we do business is a constant challenge we commit to every day and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Steve Reardon | CEO of Traject

Steve Reardon | CEO of Traject

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