How To Incorporate Video Product Reviews Into Your Marketing Strategy

video product reviews

Creating and spreading video product reviews has long been one of the most effective ways to win your customers’ hearts.

Back in 2007 36% of consumers confirmed that watching a video product review was their preferred way of researching products and services.

More than a decade later the power of video endorsement is even stronger. According to Wyzowl, shows that on average 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased a piece of software after having watched a video review.

On top of that, one-third of internet users find that their product research is much more impactful if accompanied by video-based product opinions…

Video product reviews combine the best of all worlds by marrying the incredible power of the visual medium to convey vast amounts of information quickly with the authenticity of a word-of-mouth experience.

If you are not yet curating and publicizing your product video reviews, you are missing out!

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So why curate and create video-based reviews?

videos in organic search

Videos show up in Google’s search results for many queries. This may potentially distract your customers from completing their buying journeys!

How to use video reviews to market your product?

While the above benefits are pretty clear, online video offers some unique tools to get the most out of your product reviews.

Engage your customers

You can get creative and engage your existing customers: let them create video reviews for you and reward them for that with coupon codes and giveaways.

Don’t ask for positive reviews or this may blow up into a reputation crisis. Instead, invite customers to send you any feedback they have in a video format.

Turn it into a competition

Launch a competition: offer your customers to create a video review and upload it to Youtube – the one wins that gets more views / votes. Your imagination is your only limit here.

This is also a great way to identify active Youtubers among your current customers and turn them into your brand advocates. This effort will pay off going forward when you see more reviews being uploaded by those customers and their friends.

Engage influencers

Another idea is to hire existing Youtube influencers to review your product, course, or software. Buzzsumo‘s new Youtube feature will be a great help in discovering niche video influencers to reach out to.

The beauty of using this tool is that it offers you much more than meets an eye:


Re-use textual testimonials as videos

Finally, if you don’t have too many actual video reviews, consider turning your textual reviews and testimonials into video format. You can do that pretty easily with tools like inVideo:


Turn your textual reviews and testimonials into videos.

This is an easy way to create more video context around your brand.

Curate and publicize video product reviews

Whatever you do, make sure to curate and publicize your reviews across your channels. Or even create more channels to publicize them.

Here are a few ideas for you to promote your product-focused videos:

  • Upload them to your own Youtube channel and feature them on your site. Set up a dedicated playlist to keep a growing library of customer reviews.
  • Upload each video to Facebook and Twitter as native videos as those do better on social media than simply linking to a Youtube page.
  • Re-use product reviews as social media stories on Facebook and Instagram. Stories are linkable and interactive. You can also save stories as “highlights” on Instagram to maintain a collection of customer reviews on Instagram too.

A word about Youtube rankings

When it comes to Youtube, do your homework when uploading your video reviews to the platform. Remember what I mentioned at the beginning of the article: Youtube videos rank amazingly well, and for your branded search those can be very useful in managing online sentiment. 

Make sure to follow basic SEO steps here: Add your keywords (and your branded name), write a detailed description, etc. Here’s a checklist to use:

youtube content checklist

Make sure to fill in all the available fields for your video review to rank better.

For longer videos, don’t forget to create a time-stamped outline, as it is also indexed by Google.

When creating a video description, consult with Text Optimizer which makes writing much easier. The tool uses semantic analysis to extract concepts that are semantically related to the search query you are targeting. Even typing your (or your competitor’s) brand into the Text Optimizer search field will give you lots of insights into what it is associated with:

textoptimizer branded

In addition, keep in mind that playlists are digital assets of their own. They can rank for your brand name allowing you to dominate more search results when customers are typing your name in search results.

youtube playlist

A Youtube playlist ranking for our brand name.

Curate video reviews into a free video course

To take the idea of creating a library of product reviews even further, you can set up a whole video course including most detailed and creative reviews from your customers.

This is what we did over at Viral Content Bee: We invited our users to submit video tutorials of how they are using the platform to be included in our official Udemy course:

VCB course

Curate your video reviews into a free video course. This is going to be a powerful sales funnel for your products.

Repackaging video reviews into the course makes it possible to collect them all in one place. And at the same time we are creating an ultimate sales funnel: People joining the free course and watching other users’ reviews feel compelled to become part of that community as well.

Another idea is to set up an on-site knowledge base that would work as an aggregator for all the product reviews and testimonials, including the video format. It is quite easy to do with tools and plugins.


Product reviews are insanely influential both for retails and eCommerce. Every business is trying to stand out and product reviews offer a social proof differentiator. 

But in addition to both quantity and quality of reviews, what’s that next step? Video reviews. They’re more compelling and market your products incredibly effectively. 

You can’t merely hope that product reviews appear organically. Sometimes, they need a bit of curating, outreach, and facilitating. If you invest in your video product review strategy, it will pay dividends. 

Looking for a tool to monitor your product reviews?

Check out our brand new eCommerce product review management software – Traject SKU. We are currently beta testing the software for FREE! Check it out and start monitoring your product reviews.

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