6 Essential Traject Social Features for Crisis Management

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Social media is often viewed as more agile, more nimble, and able to publish updates more quickly than traditional news sources. 

These days, SEO experts are even recommending that you look to social media to study search trends and consumer behavior—people choose a social media platform, then exclusively search for the information they want within that platform, rather than on a traditional search engine. 

With uncertain times like the current pandemic, your crisis management needs to be agile too. Customers will also look to a brand’s social media for changes in business hours, adjusted offerings, or answers to other questions they have. 

The brands that will be poised to bounce back from this volatility in the market will be those who provide a safe option amidst the uncertainty for current and new customers, and who bolster their reputation by staying in communication with customers with succinct, clear, and accurate information.  

Ready to do just that? Here’s 6 essential Traject Social features you should leverage. 

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Evergreen content

Your use of Evergreen content can adjust in two directions. 

Which of the following 2 descriptions best applies to your business?

1. You currently rely on Evergreen content, but your content library is composed of posts that lack relevance to the current unprecedented climate and could be interpreted as tone deaf or even callous. Some examples of this might include:


If this option best describes your business, you will be looking to suspend Evergreen scheduling and Unevergreen posts

2. You usually manually schedule your posts, but you’ve recently scaled back your workforce, reduced the amount of time you’re able to devote to social media management, or are covering for team members who may be out of office. 

Once you create a posting schedule, Traject Social will automatically fill in any open time slots with one of the pieces from your Evergreen content library if that slot is empty when the time arrives. Creating a library of more timeless pieces of content in advance and allowing them to be posted with this hands-off method can save you a lot of time and effort. 

If this is the option that best describes your current situation, you will most likely want to supplement your efforts with automated content by creating a posting schedule and making posts evergreen

How to suspend Evergreen scheduling

Click on the Publishing tab, and navigate to Evergreen Content.

evergreen content

On the right side of your screen, you’ll see a red button that reads Suspend Evergreen Scheduling. Simply click it, and Evergreen content will stop posting!

You’ll know it’s done when the button turns green and gives you the option to activate Evergreen scheduling once again.  

suspend evergreen

How to Unevergreen specific posts

Want to still be able to rely on some automated posts, but remove the ones that don’t resonate in the current crisis? 

After clicking the Publishing tab, navigate to Evergreen Content.

evergreen content

You’ll see all the posts that you’ve designated as Evergreen in a list format. Click the X Unevergreen button on the right side of the module showing a preview of the post.

suspend evergreen

You can also “mass-unevergreen” a larger selection of posts. Check the boxes on the left side of the post previews, and when you’ve selected all the ones you would like to take out of commission, you can select the X Unevergreen button at the top of the page.

How to create a posting schedule

A posting schedule will create the template of time slots that you would like posts to be populated into. Any time slot you don’t fill manually will be automatically filled by drawing on one of the past posts you’ve deemed Evergreen. 

In the Publishing tab, navigate to Posting Schedules.

posting schedules

Click Create New.

posting schedules create new

Begin assigning the times each day that you want posts to go out, keeping best practices for the number of posts each day and optimal posting times in mind. 

posting schedules add times

How to Evergreen posts

This is how you will designate which posts get automatically re-published and which ones don’t. When you create a post that’s Evergreen, all you have to do is click the Make Evergreen button at the bottom before you publish. This post will now be eligible to be recycled. 

evergreen post

If you don’t want to create a post from scratch, you can make your past posts Evergreen as well. One great way to do this is from the Evergreen Content page, select Recommend Content at the top. A window will appear showing you past posts that had high engagement with the opportunity to Make Evergreen.

suspend evergreen
recommended content

You can also click on a previous post on your Calendar view, and the option to make it Evergreen will appear at the bottom of the window

Evergreen past post

Content syndication

Similarly to Evergreen content scheduling, automating posts that pull in links to relevant articles from your industry can save time while you focus on other priorities for the business, or compensate for fewer resources. 

Content syndication allows you to choose a few high-quality publications that you trust, and when they post new articles, the feature will create a post using a link to the article in your Traject Social calendar. 

First, navigate to Content Syndication under the Publishing tab.

content syndication

Select Find Content.

find content

Search for publications that are publishing articles that would be valuable to your audience, and select them.

search content

Make your selections, and they will appear here. To make these posts populate as drafts, select Yes after Require Approval.

syndication setup

Social Inbox

You and your customers are in this together, especially in a crisis. In fact, times of crisis make it notoriously difficult to generate new customers, thus making the retention of your current customers paramount. 

Don’t leave them out to dry when they reach out to you. 

Use the Traject Social Inbox feature to make sure you never miss a DM, a mention, a comment on your post, or any other engagement. 

Monitoring interactions in the Inbox will not only consolidate all activity across every platform into one place – it will allow you to streamline how you handle them with your team.

When a message from a customer has been managed, team members can mark them as complete and remove them from the queue to prevent duplicate responses or disjointed communication. 


The Inbox can be accessed from the Inbox tab as seen above. You’ll then be presented with a myriad of options for filtering or engaging with each interaction without having to go into any of the social media networks natively. 

When you’ve handled an interaction, the Mark as complete checkmark will remove it from the top of the Inbox for everyone with access to this Project.

Content Library

As mentioned above, stocking up on posts that you can automate will allow you to leverage Evergreen content scheduling.  

You can also use the content library to save up pre-approved answers to FAQs you see from customers that are using social media to reach out to your business. This is especially useful if you have more junior employees or team members that don’t have a lot of customer success experience that are pitching in with the increased influx of messages. 

Document the questions received in one place so you can aggregate the messages and see trends in what customers are saying. Before you gather enough to start seeing trends, here’s a few ideas to start you off:

First, create a post as you normally would, but save it as a draft rather than publishing it. 

Next, navigate from Publishing to Content Library and you will see your draft messaging, waiting for you to polish up if needed and publish at the right moment. 

content library
content library drafts

Post Approval

Times of crisis are often all hands on deck. You may have people pitching in who don’t typically manage social media, or you may have more junior employees stepping up who have not yet experience dealing with this type of crisis. 

Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is that there’s a framework set up meant to catch and correct them before they go public. 

Set up a workflow for your employees and clients by using permissions, so that social media content drafts created by employees need to be approved by senior managers and clients and disasters are avoided. 

Select your profile picture in the top right corner, and navigate to Manage Users.

manage users

Add a new user to the Project by clicking the green New User button. If an employee is already on the project but you need to change their permissions, simply select the employee.

new user

A window will come up where you can input the information about the new user, and select whether they are able to publish posts or whether their posts will be added to the queue for approval.


If you’re the manager or client approving posts, you can find the posts by going to Publishing > Publication Review. The posts will then be shown to you for approval as seen below.

publication review

Optimized Post Times

In a crisis situation, information that your business conveys to your audience is most likely more pertinent than usual. Make sure you post this content at the times when your audience is likely to see it so they don’t miss out on crucial information. 

Luckily, Traject Social has a feature to automatically choose these optimal times for you. 

Using this feature is simple. When you create a post, the tabs at the top will allow you to select the timing of the post. Click on the Optimal Time tab, and you will be presented with options of times when your audience is mostly likely to engage with your content. These options are based on 3 months of your personal engagement data. 

optimal time

Final thoughts on using Traject Social for crisis management

Times of crisis are hard. 

Stay focused and save the time you need to put out fires by using the features at your disposal to accomplish these main crisis management principles:

Accomplish these tasks, and you’ll be poised to find stable ground once again alongside the customers you maintained communication with along the way. 

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Traject Social delivers a powerful suite of social media scheduling, publishing, reporting, and monitoring tools. Save time and money with the most affordable social media management software on the market.

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