Traject Social – Office Hours Recap: August 2020

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On this month’s Office Hours, Product Manager Reggie Azevedo and Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf shared updates on the Traject Social tool and social media strategies that can accompany livestreams and other live social media events. 

Watch the replay above, or catch up on the insights in the recap below. 

Where to get updates about Traject Social - 4:43

Traject Social uses several avenues of communication to make sure users are up to speed on any changes to the tool or Traject Social news. First up is the resource center within the Traject Social app. To access the resource center, click on the Traject Social icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

resource center

You’ll see a section labeled “recent updates” with notifications for any updates you haven’t checked yet. Check this periodically for any and all updates to the platform. 

latest updates

Did you know we also send out a bi-weekly newsletter every other Tuesday? This newsletter will have major updates about the products, all of our recent blogs and how-to content, and registration opportunities for upcoming events. 

When you become a Traject Social user, you’re added to this email list. If you’ve previously unsubscribed from it during any point of your Traject Social description or you think you’ve been left off the list, you can subscribe by entering your email address in the form on our blog


The last channel of communication is in-app messaging. This one’s easy—you don’t have to do anything for it! You’ll see these periodically pop up when you sign into Traject Social. They’ll deliver an important message, and then have you close out of it when you’re finished reading and want to continue on to using the app.

Instagram “Personal” profiles should be switched to “Business” profiles - 9:28

Facebook is making changes to how IG Personal Profiles can be accessed via third-party tools like Traject Social. For this reason, we recommend converting to a Business Profile to maintain access to advanced analytics, comment moderation and more features. 

For Traject Social users that continue using a Personal Profile, you will experience a depreciation in data and reporting as Facebook builds out this distinction between the two profile types in their API. For more information on the change directly from Facebook, you can read their explanation on their site

Creating a social media strategy for before, during, and after a livestream - 11:32

Many social media managers see livestreams as a very fleeting event that can’t be part of a comprehensive social media strategy. However, there are ways to generate leads, meet and track KPIs, and repurpose it into future social content. 

Decide what kind of livestream or digital event you want to host

First, you need to decide which format best matches the content that will be valuable to your customers. Anna walked through a few ideas to get you started, such as:

Choose the right live streaming platform for your content and audience

Most social media networks have some form of livestreaming, but there are a few key differences. 


Twitter acquired and leverages the streaming platform Periscope. 

Twitter streamers should also be aware of the fast-paced nature of the platform and use more exciting content to grab attention in the first few seconds. 


LinkedIn is rolling out access to livestreaming very exclusively as of right now. Businesses can fill out an application to access this feature for their company’s profile. 

LinkedIn prefers longer content in their livestreams, and making your livestream at least 10 minutes is recommended. 


High usage of comments and emoji reactions is common during Instagram livestreams, so keep in mind that there’s an expectation of a two-way conversation. Use this to your advantage if your content is meant to help you engage with your followers and get insights from them. 

Instagram livestreamers can also use the questions sticker to get material ahead of their livestream and build up interest. 


Facebook is another streaming platform that may make sense for longer form content. Other than that, the conversational elements are very similar to the ones you can leverage on Instagram.  


One key differentiator  for YouTube is the ability to schedule your livestream to begin ahead of time. 

YouTube livestreamers can also add links and drive traffic to their website right in the captions. 

After brushing up on the key elements of each platform and making sure the platform you choose has all the features you need, the decision will ultimately come down to you having a good sense of where your audience most often hangs out. 

Set goals for your livestream

A livestream isn’t something that happens suddenly and then dissipates into thin air. There’s still ways to do everything you would normally want to do with social media—drive website traffic, boost social engagement, even generate an email list. 

Set your goals using these ideas to track them:

Social media promotion for livestreaming

Ahead of your livestream, social media posts are going to be the main way you drive attendance. Here’s a few types of social posts you can create that will get the word out:

Complementing your digital events with social media

Social media posts running in tandem with your live event can add a complementary experience for attendees, as well as garner buzz for those that aren’t there. Use these ideas during your livestream:

Repurpose your livestream for social content after the event

Livestream recordings can be repurposed into a multitude of different permutations that you can continue to post on social for months to come. Just remember to set up your settings to give you access to the recording, or have a screen recording mechanism in place. 

Use these content ideas to get the most mileage out of your video:

Q&A - 25:54

Watch the Q&A section to hear responses to questions about using Traject Social, generating more followers, whitelabeling, and more. 

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