Office Hours Recap June 2020

Traject Social Product Manager Reggie Azevedo and Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf sat down for June Office Hours to walk through updates users can expect on the Product roadmap and host a crash course in TikTok marketing.

Watch the replay or check out the recap below to catch up on everything you missed. 

Table of Contents

Product Roadmap Updates - 2:10

Reggie delivered some new updates that users can expect to the product, as well touched on a few features where users seem to be having the most questions. 

Android App - 2:44


The Android app is now officially available in the app store. You can now download the app to help you schedule posts, look at your calendar for the week, or easily add media you shoot on your phone to Traject Social posts. 

25-30 Traject Social users beta-tested the Android app for the last month or so to help us perfect the app prior to its official launch. Did you know that Traject social accepts a volunteer group of beta testers for almost every new feature addition? If you’d like to get involved, get a sneak preview of features before they’re released, and give us your feedback, let us know at [email protected].

Multi-image scheduling for Instagram - 3:50


Some users have been experiencing difficulty uploading multi-image posts to Instagram through Traject Social with the same ease as videos or single image posts. After changing the way our app communicates with the Instagram app once you queue up those multiple images, this process should now be a much more streamlined experience. 

Use the web app to schedule an Instagram post with up to 5 images. Once you push that post to the Traject Social mobile app, it will automatically populate into Instagram as seen in the image above with the ability to easily select and post those images.

Content Library - 5:37

If you have a multi-location business or different Projects within Traject Social that could benefit from repurposing certain pieces of content or content templates, it may be more efficient to leverage the Content Library. 

Once in the Content Library, you can designate a “category” for the templates you want to create, and then simply enter your text and images similarly to how you would create a post. You can use the images below to see how to navigate to the Content Library or watch Reggie walk through it in the replay video. 

If you don’t see the option to navigate to the Content Library, it’s because that’s only available to account owners. Once account owners create templates, they are automatically available to any of the other publishing users on that Projects. 


Tik Tok Scheduling - 8:27


TikTok is coming to Traject Social! We’re in the final days of launching TikTok scheduling and it will soon be available for all Traject Social users to leverage. 

You’ll be able to specify the TikTok profile you want to publish to in the Traject Social web app, add text, select your video, and then send it to the Traject Social app or in a push notification. Once your TikTok post is in the mobile app or push notification, you can open up TikTok from there with your text and content already populated and ready for you to hit publish. 

If you have questions or feedback on the addition of this new platform, we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know so we can continue improving our TikTok scheduling feature. 

How to Market on TikTok - 12:07

Anna walked through the basics of using TikTok and some marketing best practices for ways to market on TikTok, which generally fall into three categories:

  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. Original Content
  3. Ads

What is TikTok? - 12:47

Tiktok is the latest widely-adopted social media platform with over 800 million users—that’s more than Twitter! Posts on TikTok are centered around video content, and the app actually comes with some fairly robust editing tools to help creators make the videos in-app. 

TikTok is very heavy on “trend” culture. This means that creating videos that are easily repeatable and provide a launch pad for other users to create their own themed versions of them tend to gain the most traction.  These trending video formats usually have their own hashtag and will appear alongside the rest of the trending hashtags on the Discover tab of the app. 

Below is an example of a quintessential TikTok: The #LeavingMyBodyChallenge. It uses a video effect (check), music (check), and essentially centers around users adding the purple flame effect to depict something “leaving their body” as the result of something else. This user sarcastically claimed that her mother telling her not to cry automatically made all the “cry” leave her body. Who knew it was that simple?

The most important thing to remember is that TikTok is filled with a younger demographic that are visiting the app to consume funny and entertaining content, not be pitched to. Keep this in mind when creating your TikToks and take a step back from the hard sell. 

How the TikTok algorithm works - 14:47

Luckily, you don’t have to have a ton of followers for your content to skyrocket to popularity. TikTok will show your video to a small group of users that don’t follow you, and if it performs well based on metrics like shares and watch time, it will keep being shown to larger and larger groups of people. This emphasizes the importance of truly entertaining content and how much it will impact your reach. Always use a couple hashtags (especially trending ones) to get some extra eyes on your post. 

TikTok hasn’t publicly confirmed or denied anything about their algorithm, but through the tests of others, it’s been deduced that rewatches, video completions, shares, comments, and likes all seem to be strong indicators to the TikTok algorithm

TikTok User Demographics - 17:52

Here’s the quick rundown of TikTok user demographics:

  • 41% of the total user-base is between ages 16-24
  • It’s growing in popularity with millenials
  • Even distribution across gender
  • Heavy usage in international markets and multiple languages

If you’ve heard it’s mainly for Gen Z, there may be a grain of truth to that. However, don’t let that stop you from diving in. Adoption continues to soar and most past other social media behemoths like Twitter and Pinterest, so your target audience may very well adopt soon. 

If you truly don’t think it’s a good fit for your audience, Anna recommends using it anyway to leverage the video editing tools to create video content for Twitter and Instagram. Re-posting TikToks to other social media platforms is a widely adopted practice, so if your audience hangs out on those platforms, you can still serve them video content with music and effects. 

Influencer Marketing - 21:17

One option for getting involved in TikTok marketing is by leveraging an influencer. Did you know that one in three consumers trust an influencer’s opinion more than what a brand says? Influencers are huge on TikTok, and some even have more than 60 million followers. 

Because you probably don’t want to work with an influencer that comes with a price tag matching those 60 million followers, there are a couple ways you can find influencers on TikTok that are a little more niche and relevant to your customers. 

First, you can find popular influencers in your industry. Navigate to the Discover tab, use the search bar to search several keywords related to your business, and then navigate to “Users.” Here you can check out some popular accounts that create content in your niche and select some promising ones to reach out to.

Another way to find smaller micro-influencers is to follow the same process (navigate to the Discover tab and use the search bar to search several keywords related to your business), then search the popular videos. Because of the algorithm aspects we discussed above about videos from accounts with few followers becoming successful, you may find some creators here who are getting their first bit of traction but don’t yet have that super high follower count—or price tag. 

Original Content - 27:22

It’s important to use humor, music, or both if you want your post to gain traction, but you can leverage these strategies to give an inside look of your business and industry. 

One popular method of doing this is DIY videos. You can find trending DIY topics on the Discover page, or just tag these videos with the general #DIY hashtag so users who are interested in this type of video can find it. Give your customers tips or show the steps visually for how to do things at home that your business is an expert at, and don’t be afraid to add effects, captions, or overlay a great pop song.  

Another popular type of original content is challenges, and luckily, this is also one of the easiest types of content to plan. Because the framework of the video has already been thought of and it centers around easy repeatability, all you have to do is figure out how you can change the theme of it to be relevant to your business and then execute. Find trending challenges on the Discover page, and then, as always, don’t forget to add the hashtag. Below is an example of a brand jumping in on the trending “#ratethings” challenge. 

TikTok Ads - 32:22

Ads are available on TikTok, and you can create them in one of four formats:

  • In-feed
  • Detail Page
  • Post-roll
  • Story

These formats are meant to allow ads that create a more seamless experience, so for best results, keep the spirit of TikTok and it’s entertaining trend culture. To help you out with this, they also offer creation tools on their ads platform:

  • “Video Creation Kit” which provides you with a variety of video templates and allows you to create videos by using your existing images, without needing to be a pro editor. 
  • “Automated Creative Optimization” which helps you automate the process of creating, delivering, and optimizing your ads.

You can find more information about ads, tracking performance and price, on the TikTok Ads page. 

Q&A - 35:37

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