Traject Social – Office Hours Recap: May 2020

Office Hours Recap June 2020

Traject Social Product Manager Reggie Azevedo and Traject Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf sat down for May Office Hours to address upcoming updates on the product roadmap, walk through setting up features like Posting Schedules and Content Syndication, and answer questions from Traject Social users. Catch up on what you missed by watching the replay or reading the recap below⁠—we hope to see you at the next session!

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New Developments on the Product Roadmap

Canva Integration - 2:30

Canva dimensions

In order to implement the Canva integration into Traject Social, we need to let them know the image dimensions that users will leverage as they create visual content. We’ve selected the following four dimensions as high-priority:

  1. 1200×632
  2. 1080×1080
  3. 1080×1920
  4. 1000×150

Now all we need is to hear from you. Which of these are your favorites? Did we miss any that are important to your business? Let us know in the comments of this blog or by emailing [email protected]

The team is still working on implementing the Canva integration and expects it to be done in early June, with exciting features like saving layers of historical edits that you can revert back to that will support you in creating high quality imagery. 

Tiktok - 5:02

We want to hear from you about your use of Tiktok. If you have any thoughts about the following questions, please feel free to comment at the end of this blog, tweet at us, or email your answers to [email protected]

Site Reliability - 6:55

Recently some users have noticed a few disruptions in their use of Traject Social. This strain is most likely due to a much higher volume traffic with the recent surge of folks working remotely. Here’s a few initiatives we’ve started: 

  1. Increasing our capacity to scale with demand and making investments in a larger and more efficient server infrastructure
  2. Implementing monitoring & notifications to proactively alert the engineerings team to catch any future similar issues before they become problems that disrupt business

How to Use Content Syndication

The “content mix” that comprises your social posts should include about one-third (give or take) external content from publications that are relevant in your industry⁠—this will keep your followers informed, keep them interested, and it will help to position your brand as an expert in your field.  

Finding reputable publications, reading articles, and creating posts with them can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re doing it for multiple clients or business locations. Did you know that you can automate this article curation in Traject Social? Here’s how to do it. 

Create a posting schedule - 10:20

Creating a posting schedule is a crucial first step to setting up content syndication in Traject Social, because if you don’t designate a few time slots that you want this external content to populate into, it will appear on your calendar every time your chosen publications publish content and clutter your calendar view. 

To set up a posting schedule, first access “Posting Schedules” under “Publishing” in the main navigation bar. 

posting schedules

Select “Create New” and add all of the times per day that you want syndicated content to be published on your social profiles, then save the schedule.

posting schedules create new

Find Content - 14:18

Under the “Publishing” tab, navigate to “Content Syndication.”

content syndication

Use the “Find Content” search bar to search for publications you know and trust, or enter in a few industry keywords for a list of publications you can choose from. Reminder: Don’t forget to research the site’s credibility independently before you select it for content syndication. 

find content

If you can’t find a publication you love using the “Find Content” search bar, you can always enter in the feed-specific URL for that site. Simply go to that site and add /feed or /rss to the end of the URL. If you press enter and you see a screen with source code, you know you’ve accessed the feed and found the correct URL. Once you find out whether the correct URL is /rss or /feed and ensure that site has a feed (by getting the source code page), you can simply enter that URL into the Content Finder and save it as one of your Syndicated Content sources. 

Select the profiles you want this publication to publish to. 

Select “Yes” for “Require Approval” so that the posts will populate onto your calendar, but not publish publicly onto social media until you approve them. 

Bonus: If you use the “Require Approval” feature, these populate the most easily into the mobile app for quick checks. 

approval permissions

Link your Syndicated Content sources to your posting schedule - 19:20

Navigate to “Post Presets” under “Publishing”


Select the Post Preset that includes the publications you just saved as content sources. 

Scroll down to the right side bar and select the settings gear next to “Distribution.”


Select “Publish based on a posting schedule” and then select the posting schedule you created earlier specifically for this curated content.


Curate descriptive post text - 21:22

This feature will usually just write the title of the article in the text section of the post, and doesn’t come prefilled with any description or information written in your brand voice. 

For optimal post engagement, leverage Content Syndication as an easy way to have articles hand-delivered into Traject Social where you can easily adjust and post them, but don’t rely on to create the post text. That’s something best left to a human that knows your audience, and knows why this particular article will probably be interesting to them.  

Have Questions?

If you missed the Q&A, you can watch the replay to hear what other Traject Social users want to know and catch up on Reggie and Anna’s answers. If you have questions of your own or want to continue your training on maximizing your productivity with Traject Social, we hope you’ll join us for June Office Hours on Tuesday, June 2 at 1pm PDT/4pm EST. See you there!

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