Traject Social – Office Hours Recap: April 2020

Office Hours April

In our latest installment of Traject Social Office Hours, we covered new functionality to expect throughout the remainder of April, as well as talked through some essential Traject Social features for crisis management and some quick tips for adapting your marketing strategy to the pandemic climate. Watch the full replay, or check out the highlights below. 

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Meet the Team

Product Manager Sam Cantor announced that he will be moving to lead Product at, another tool in the Traject family. New Traject Social Product Manager Reggie Azavedo will be taking over hosting Office Hours and presenting important information about tool features and upcoming updates. 

He’ll be joined by Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf, who will provide insights on the strategic ways you can use the tool, and social media as a whole, to achieve your marketing goals. It’s unclear whether they will continue to wear matching outfits throughout the rest of future Office Hours sessions, but we can only hope.

Upcoming releases on the product roadmap - 3:45

New Canva Integration - 4:05

Canva is coming to Traject Social! Visual content is becoming more and more impactful for engagement and conversion levels on social media, and this integration will more easily allow you to create stunning visuals to add to your posts directly within Traject Social. 

The Canva integration gives you a free image repository within your Traject Social projects, and will provide users with a myriad of polished, high quality templates to take your imagery to the next level. 

Stay tuned for the next Office Hours after this is released for a full walkthrough on accessing this feature and using it while creating posts.

canva integration

UI/UX improvements to expect in April - New main navigation - 5:08

You may start to see some differences in how your main navigation bar looks when you log in in the upcoming weeks. The new navigation menu is designed in a way that will more easily allow you to see what options you have for actions to take, and will make it faster to find and select the features that are the most frequently used. 

Aside from telling you a short description of each feature before you click on it, the new UI/UX will also let you know if you have notifications in one of these areas right in the main nav menu, alerting you more efficiently if you need to attend to that feature.

new navigation

Android Mobile App - 6:27

The Android mobile app is wrapping up production and is expected to be released in the beginning of May. We’ll send out messages to all Traject Social users to alert them when the app is officially available for download in the Google Play store. Stay tuned for further updates that grow the analytics capabilities on both the Android and Apple versions soon after that.

mobile post presets
mobile app
mobile queue

Helpful Traject Social features for crisis management - 7:20

Traject Social Marketing Manager Anna Dievendorf walked through a screenshare on how to leverage the 6 most essential features for a crisis. She recommends using the following:

Evergreen Content

Users can either scale up their use of Evergreen content to lessen the time and resources spent on manually creating posts, or they can scale down their Evergreen content to prevent posts that may appear tone deaf to the crisis from going live. 

Content Syndication

Leveraging Content Syndication will allow users to automate the curation of industry news and content from publications they trust, instead of having to manually find it online.

Content Library

The Content Library can serve as a repository of future posts that aren’t ready or appropriate to send out during the crisis. If customers often use social media to interface with you and ask questions, it can also be a great place to save drafts of accepted responses to FAQs. This will make it easier for less experienced employees to post the correct answer down the road.


The Inbox will streamline all engagement and messages from every profile connected to the project so you don’t miss any interactions with customers. If you’re working on a team, the “mark complete” function will allow you to make sure everyone has been taken care of and that no one will get duplicate responses.

Approval Permissions

When adding a new user to the project, the project admin can toggle a myriad of permissions on and off for each user. Perhaps the most useful permission to withhold is publishing permission. This will allow those users to save their posts as drafts and the drafts will be sent to an admin for approval, therefore preventing mistakes from going live during the crisis.

Optimal Post Times

Any news your business has for customers during a crisis is likely even more important for them to know than usual. Use the optimal posting times tab to pull data from three months of your past posts and select from the times shown to you to achieve maximum engagement. 

You can watch the screenshare in the video replay or use the step by step directions provided in the blog.

Quick tips for marketing during a pandemic - 19:42

Myth: Customers want or expect you to stop marketing

Fact: Only 8% of customers feel this way. They mostly expect you to adjust your messaging. 

Tip #1: Perform an audit

Audit you content, profile bios, email signature, automated emails, website, everything. This will give you a clear understanding of what you’re working with and may alert you to things you need to change that you didn’t remember. You’re looking for two things:

  1. Look for things that are irrelevant, too sales-y, or tone deaf
  2. Look for opportunities to revamp something into a timely piece

Tip #2: Adjust your strategy

The businesses that survive crises are the ones that are ready and willing to change and adapt. Customer needs are changing rapidly, so they require some serious thought about how you will change to meet them. 

Start with brainstorming what people need right now from a human first perspective. Here are some ideas:

Then ask yourself these questions:

How can you adjust your products or services to meet these needs?

Some cool examples we’ve seen of this so far are gyms and yoga studios offering classes virtually, movie studios moving their films from theater release to streaming services, and our Cyfe dashboard challenge that visualizes helpful community data. 

How can you adjust the infrastructure you already have to create a new product or service to meet these needs?

Creative examples of this include the Tito’s distillery making hand sanitizer and a car dealership offering car sanitization services

What if you truly can’t adjust either of these to create something customers need? Adjust your funnel. Change how and when you present conversion opportunities along the customer journey. 

Consider stepping back from the “hard sell” Instead, use softer, “top of funnel” content to gather leads, and most of all, help educate them. Before you begin distributing TOFU content, make sure you build a system for capturing and tracking these leads. Then you can retarget them with a harder sell in a few months.

Tip #3: Information is your friend

You don’t have to guess at what your customers’ changing needs are. Enter Google Trends.

Because Google is so sophisticated, you can indeed find interesting search trends on the main “coronavirus” feature of Google Trends. However, we recommend searching keywords related to your business or industry, and any impact from coronavirus will likely be present there while also giving you more niche information. 

Watch the replay for the example we looked at in Google Trends, where an emerging trend for “hair dye” was “how to dye hair.” This might indicate that people are searching less for salon services and more for DIY hair coloring guidance. If you run a hair salon that can’t take clients right now, creating content that provides this guidance could be a worthwhile strategy. 

Tip #4: Invest your time and resources into content and SEO

Can’t take customers right now and wondering what’s the best use of your efforts in the meantime? Update old content, create new content, and start bolstering your SEO. 

Tip #5: Flex your PR and “Off Page SEO” muscles

If you’re offering something new, interesting, or free during this time, people outside of your customers may not know about it.  Reach out to publications that report news in your industry or who have done round-up resource articles already to get the word out and build up your backlink profile. 

Pro tip: Make it as simple for publishers as possible with a short script about the offer and links they’ll need to direct people toward redeeming it.

Tip #6: Genuinely Care.

Customers are getting bombarded with emails, and as far as we can tell, they’ve been able to sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away. The human-first needs you brainstormed and your research of search trends will serve as your north star for providing solutions to problems that people are actually looking for. 

Before you begin creating any messaging, try this exercise: Fill in the blanks in this sentence with acknowledging their real need, and how what you’re writing about will help them. “We know you’re dealing with _________, so we’re _________.” This sentence can serve as the foundation of whatever communications you create. 

Want to share your experience? - 31:16

We’re always looking for Traject Social power users to help us and others learn how they’ve found value by using the tool. Want to get involved? There’s a few ways. 

  1. Review the product here: Traject Social on G2
  2. Review the mobile app here: Traject Social Mobile App
  3. Sit down for a chat with us so we can learn more about how you use the tool and which features have made the greatest impact. This may help use create future testimonials or case studies that teach others how they can become a power user. If you’re interested, let us know at [email protected] 

Free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff? - 38:28

When marketers are happy, Traject is happy. To ease the burden of maintaining a digital marketing strategy during these difficult times, Traject is offering free subscriptions to all of our tools for 3 months* for any new users that don’t have an existing subscription. If you’ve been wanting to see how you might supplement your social media management efforts with SEO, reputation management, or data visualization, now is the time to try it out while still cutting costs. The list of free tools available to you is as follows:

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the offer, simply email [email protected] and let them know you’d like to get started. If you need a little bit more information about the offer, check out COO Alice Song’s open letter to our customers and the community. 

Join us next time

Watch the replay, or bookmark it for later to watch the full Q&A section of April Office Hours. We hope that you’ll join us next time to bring your own questions to the table by registering below. See you there!

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