The Value of White Labeling Your Social Media Services

white label social media

When building a social media marketing agency from the ground up, what comes first: the clients or the tools for managing clients?

Should you white label social media services?

You need clients to justify the cost of any tools you use for managing them. At the same time, you need the right tools and processes in place to retain the clients you onboard. 

There are arguments to be made for figuring things out as you go — but as far as your agency’s reputation is concerned, you can’t afford to be unprepared.

If you want clients to put the fate of their brand in your hands, you need to be able to show them a clear direction regarding who you are as a business and how you operate. 

This is just one reason why white labeling your social media services can prove so valuable.

Let’s discuss:

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What does white labeling mean?

White labeling refers to a third-party product or service that has been branded to appear as though it’s owned by/proprietary to the company using it. The functionality of the product remains fairly consistent from client to client but how it appears to them visually can differ based on any specific configurations or branding variations you might require.

White label social media platforms increase brand visibility and trust

When businesses consider outsourcing social media, they should first ask themselves whether they have an established brand voice. After all, as a social media agency, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting a client’s content unless you were clear on their branding basics.

The same goes for your own business. You need to showcase your brand’s credibility in order to attract clients and secure trust in your capabilities.

Imagine the first impression you’ll make when setting up a client’s content editorial workflow in a white labeled portal that only they can access. It’s a lasting impression, to say the least — one that speaks well of your social media agency’s strategic approach and level of organization.

Of course, you can certainly get the job done with Google Sheets and Docs, but customization capabilities are minimal. 

When you use social media tools that allow you to white label according to your specific branding and configuration needs, you’re offering clients something they can’t get anywhere else. You’re giving them a reason to believe that you’re a social media consultant they can trust.

White labeling streamlines the client experience

For all of the benefits outsourcing social media services can provide, it can also be a pain. Businesses look to agencies for simplification, but they sometimes end up working with social media agencies that need constant hand-holding.  

You need to be an expert partner who understands your client’s needs and can run with them. Otherwise, why shouldn’t they hire in-house and invest in internal training, instead?

As a social media agency, you should be providing a level of customer service that puts clients at ease. This means centralizing communications and replying in a timely manner

White labeling your social media services allows you to better streamline the client experience overall — from the time they first make contact, to the day you build out your first 30-60-90 day plan together. 

When your branding is displayed across every stage of the buyer journey and client relationship building process, you create a cohesive visual experience. 

White labeling your social media services also strengthen the positive association your clients have with the tools you’re giving them to use. The work on their end is minimal. They don’t have to dig through a hierarchy of endless Google Drive folders in order to find what they need from you at any point in time.

Instead, you can provide one fully customizable social media solution for your clients to log into and interact with. As a result, you increase the chances of your clients actually using your white labeled platform. 

This makes it easier for your team to do their job efficiently and deliver higher quality results.

For example, consider working with a co-branding social media management tool like Fanbooster. We make it easy to configure your client portal with not only your logo and favicon but links to supporting information specific to your agency.

Co-branding social media platform Fanbooster also offers a custom social app option. Whether your clients are in front of their computer or on-the-go, your platform meets them where they are. Processes remain consistent, minimizing the potential for missed communications and mistakes.

White labeling allows you to charge higher prices

Social media management pricing is full of nuances to consider:

No matter how you structure your approach to invoicing, you need to know the value of what your agency brings to the table. If you’re investing in tools that’ll improve your client’s experience, that should be reflected in your pricing. 

That means you can 100% build your white labeling costs into client contracts upfront. You should be charging clients for the experience of working with your team as a whole — not just the end results. 

The two, after all, work hand in hand. 

You can’t deliver on what’s been promised to clients without the tools and processes you rely on to get the job done.

Digital marketing agencies (and many businesses in general) are notorious for not focusing enough on the numbers. You may be a creative at heart but in order to scale your business, you can’t ignore finances or basic accounting.

To help in this endeavor, co-branding social media platform Fanbooster offers custom subscription plans. You can configure these according to your needs and numbers so that they seamlessly fall in line with the costs outlined in your proposals. These charges can then integrate with your third-party billing solution.

Final Thoughts: How you’ll benefit from white label social media management

You can’t offer your clients the best of your agency without first investing in the best for your team. Set everyone up for success with white labeled social media services that speak to your professionalism and long-term capabilities.

From a branded domain to white labeled email setup, Fanbooster makes it easy to configure your client portal accordingly. We’ll help you communicate and collaborate in a space that feels all your own.

Start your free 14-day Fanbooster trial

Fanbooster delivers a powerful suite of social media scheduling, publishing, reporting, and monitoring tools. Save time and money with the most affordable social media management software on the market.

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