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Do clients understand your SEO keyword rank reporting?

When your clients search on Google, their personalized search results paint a much different story than what everyone else is seeing. As an SEO agency, you can clarify the difference with a keyword rank report that can be delivered based on keyword, location, and device.

Show clients that your SEO strategy is performing and you’re improving their organic presence.

With AuthorityLabs by Traject, you can measure the performance of your client’s keywords and deliver accurate, timely, and reliable SEO rank tracking reports.

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Simple and accurate

With hundreds of SEO tools that promise the world, why bury yourself in feature bloat?

If you need a tool for content optimization, we’re not that. Need software that suggests which links to disavow? Again, not us. Auditing your website for SEO? Wrong again. With AuthorityLabs by Traject, we know what we offer. The best, most accurate keyword rank tracking, featured snippet tracking, and competitor rank tracking.

Use Rank Tracker data in your Google Data Studio Reports

Take all of your most important keyword data and pull it into Google Data Studio

Now you can take control of your search data from the most accurate rank tracking software and pipe it directly into your beautiful Google Data Studio reports so you can make your SEO rank tracking more accessible to your clients.

authoritylabs Rank Tracker in Google Data Studio SEO reports

Not Provided Keywords

In google analytics, there’s always a subsection of keywords that are Not Provided. AuthorityLabs by Traject lifts the curtain and reveals what those keywords are, so you can capitalize on these often missed opportunities.

Keywords by Location

Need to show a client how their keywords are performing in different countries, cities, or zip codes? Deliver a location specific report and highlight big wins for your targeted geographic audiences.

Ranking by Device

Search engine results differ depending on whether you’re searching on your desktop or a mobile device. Easily track your keywords on both devices and develop a device specific SEO strategy.

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"Our primary rank tracking solution we used every day to track thousands of rankings."

“This is one of the simplest rank tracking solutions out there. The interface and UI are fantastic and very easy to read. Pretty much the only reason they have been our rank tracking solution is how user-friendly and easy to understand the dashboard is. We can send the individualized dashboards to clients via simple URL so they can check their rankings each day which is fantastic.”

Calin H.
SEO Director

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