All your product reviews. All in one place.

Don’t lose track of your product reviews anymore. Traject SKU pulls your product reviews together from all of your eCommerce site listings so you can listen to what your customers are saying and improve your products, marketing, and eCommerce performance. 

Collect your product reviews from the eCommerce sites that matter to you

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Scaling to your industry needs

If you are an omnichannel retailer with 50+ SKUs you probably sell your product on your own website, on Amazon, and through a number of other third party retailers. Collecting, consolidating, and monitoring product reviews across a large number of 3rd party sites can be time consuming or downright impossible. With Traject SKU, you can easily see all the review information your customers are leaving you, regardless of where they leave it.

As an agency, you manage multiple aspects of marketing for a growing number of clients. eCommerce clients, in particular, have a lot of moving pieces. With Traject SKU, you can monitor your customers’ product reviews in a single application. Create different organizations directly within the Traject SKU dashboard. Help your clients understand the 360-degree picture of how their products are perceived by their clients and provide recommendations on marketing & product positioning.

Manufacturers produce a high number of SKUs and distribution depends on a complex network of 3rd party sellers. Direct insight into consumer feedback becomes increasingly complex as you grow. With Traject SKU, you can consolidate product review feedback on all of your SKUs, from all of your retail partner sellers in a single place. Understand differences in customer perception of your product across sellers and geographies. Help your retail partners position your product in the best light to increase order volume. Analyze review text on a single product across multiple sellers to gain insight into beneficial product improvements.

Improve your products with reviews

With Traject SKU, you can monitor all of your customer feedback and track what really matters to your customers.

Add all of your product lines and get the product review information that you need to grow your business.

We deliver all of the useful insights that your reviews can offer:

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Review Collection

Drive more sales with product reviews. Put the workflows in place to always ask your customers for a valuable review on the 3rd party sites important to your eCommerce business.

  • Use email review requests to remind your customers to leave a review.
  • Send SMS review requests and simplify the review collection process.
  • Collect 1st party testimonial reviews to spotlight directly on your website.

White Label Product Review Management Software

Brand your product review management services with your own logo and styling to elevate your agency and increase your professionalism. For $440 annually, add your agency or reseller brand’s logo to the dashboard. This add-on is ideal for when you want to offer a self-managed white label service for your clients.

The additional annual cost covers the SSL certificate, dedicated hosting, and installation/renewal.

Advanced Product Review Management Features

Work with a large volume of product reviews? With Traject SKU, organize and manage all of your reviews no matter the quantity. Email us to learn more about our more advanced functionality.

  • Download your review data via CSV
  • Dynamically auto-group by products or manufacturer
  • Connect to the Traject SKU API


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1st party product review collection

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Product grouping

CSV download

Search within product review content

API access

Auto-grouping for manufacturer

New review notifications

Your product reviews
generate sales

Before buyers purchase your product, they want to know that it delivers on its promise.

Your customer’s reviews tell your story. Understand everything that they love about your product. Fix what they dislike. Outshine your competition in search results. Provide incredible support.

Product reviews are the market research and social proof that helps you accomplish your business goals.

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