Monitor your
product reviews

When you listen to what your customers are saying in their reviews, you’re learning about your own products. Invest in the voice of your customers by monitoring customer feedback.

Your product reviews
generate sales

Before buyers purchase your product, they want to know that it delivers on its promise.

Your customer’s reviews tell your story. Understand everything that they love about your product. Fix what they dislike. Outshine your competition in search results. Provide incredible support.

Product reviews are the market research and social proof that helps you accomplish your business goals.

Improve your products
with reviews

With Traject SKU, you can monitor all of your customer feedback and track what really matters to your customers.

Add all of your product lines and get the product review information that you need to grow your business.

We deliver all of the useful insights that your reviews can offer:

  • Monitor information like review author, review content, and review ratings.
  • Set up reports so you can track how all of your products are performing.
  • Configure notifications so you can easily respond to new reviews.

Over the next few months,
we will be consistently adding new features.

Take a peek at our roadmap and see what’s coming soon:

Respond to Reviews

Thank happy customers for their review and support customers that aren’t satisfied with the product. Use review responses to improve customer experience.

Product Information

Track all of your product information including pricing, descriptions, images, and attributes (in-stock, best sellers, verified purchase, tags, and more).

Expanded eCommerce Sites

We will be adding a variety of eCommerce marketplaces so you can centralize your product review management in one dashboard.

Data 2.0

Make informed marketing and pricing decisions with price monitoring, product listings search keyword rankings, and Q & A monitoring.

White Label Software

Brand your product review management services with your own logo and styling to elevate your agency and increase your professionalism.

Want to learn more about Traject SKU beta?

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