Maximize your social media efforts

Social media management software for agencies that work with their clients. Schedule posts, monitor mentions, and report on engagement with Fanbooster by Traject. Build an audience for your clients on the social media channels that matter.

The platforms you care about

Simplify day-to-day SMM responsibilities

Publish across multiple platforms for hundreds of clients

Develop strategy, schedule your content, engage their audience, report all of your wins, and deliver value.

Manage multiple platforms for multiple clients, without the headache.

Fanbooster by Traject has all of the features you and your clients need. We designed the dashboard so you can seamlessly switch between clients and focus on what’s important – your clients’ social media.

Approve your employees work. Send it off to clients faster. Get their approval and schedule it seamlessly. Skip the back and forth. Hit your deadlines, and keep your social media momentum going.

The best social media agencies help clients connect with their audience, grow their business, and drive value for their customers.

With Fanbooster by Traject, you can execute on your social media strategy and deliver results that keep clients happy.

Publish your content

Craft the perfect message for each of your client’s priority platforms. Easy to draft, edit, add media, and customize your link display.

Report on performance

Automate reports for all the KPIs your clients care about. Highlight improvements in audience, engagement, and conversions.

Schedule in advance

Design a schedule optimized for your client’s audience. Set up a cadence to ensure you don’t miss a day. Plan weeks or months ahead.

Monitor engagement

Stay up to date with DMs, comments, shares and more with a centralized inbox for your social media channels.

What do our customers say?

“If you’re looking for a really easy way to manage all of your clients’ stuff in one place, Fanbooster is definitely the way to go. It’s one of the easiest ways that I can manage my clients as a social media manager.”

Andrea Jones is the host of the Savvy Social Podcast and a social media educator.

Andrea Jones is the host of the Savvy Social Podcast and a social media educator.

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Co-brand your social media management tool

Did you know over one third of digital marketing agencies co-branded at least one of their software solutions?

That’s why we ensure that you can deliver a branded experience by powering with us, adding your own logo, and your color palette on any of our solutions.

Fanbooster by Traject is mobile

Now you can schedule, review, and publish all of your social media content directly from the Fanbooster by Traject app. Available now on iOS and Android.

What are you waiting for?

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