Measure performance with social media analytics

Simplify your social media reporting and gain powerful insight from social data to inform smart business decisions. Track your posts and deliver high quality reports to clients. Monitor engagement, audience growth, and goal performance across all of your social channels.

Sophisticated Analytics

Sophisticated Analytics

Drive strategic decision-making across your business with meaningful insights from social data and analytics.

Develop strategy, schedule your content, engage your audience, report all of your wins, and deliver value.

Evaluate performance activity and engagement.  Unearth your key demographics by gender and geography. Identify optimization opportunities.


Access all of your social data in one place. Quickly and easily engage with your audience. The Traject Social reporting dashboard is full of useful reports covering every aspect of your social profiles. Enable notifications and receive detailed daily and weekly reports. Download and export all available data and reporting any time.


Compare network performance and understand the impact of your social media on your business. Go beyond looking at insights on a single social profile. See them side-by-side. Find correlations between your social and business activities. Identify reviews. Search and track keywords!


Categorize your post type and drill down into performance. Does a certain type of post earn more engagement? Does your audience interact with your content at a specific time? Which social channel delivers the most value to your business? Discover which types of posts to post when and optimize your social media scheduling and content.

Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Reports are designed to make social media analytics data easily digestible and ready to present.

Build reports specific to your business needs using Traject Social’s data, analytics, and presentation-ready report templates. Then automate the delivery of those reports to your team, stakeholders, or clients.

You can also white label your reports with your own company logos – great for social media agencies managing multiple accounts and sharing reports with clients.

Build your own report

Our unique report designer enables you to create the report that works best for your audience.

Export to Excel

Export and download all of your social media channel data in a raw CSV file.

Schedule reports

Schedule your reports in advance to automatically run at specific times and intervals.

Deliver reports

You can have the reports be delivered via email or directly uploaded to any Google Drive account.

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