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TrajectSocial Social Media Management

Traject Social helps you get your message out to your audience efficiently and on all of the channels that matter. Discover an affordable social media management tool that drives collaboration, engagement, and growth.

TrajectSocial Social Media Management

Manage your client’s social media with confidence

Grow your social media management agency

Your clients depend on you to entertain and educate their followers while driving new business. Simplify social media for your clients. Help them connect with their audience, grow their business, and celebrate their customers with an intuitive tool that makes your life easier.

With Traject Social, you can execute on your social media strategy and deliver results that keep your clients happy.


Design the text, media, and links in your posts. Select images from your own personally organized content library. Customize the link preview images and descriptions. Publish across multiple platforms with content customized for each social media channel.


Design posting schedules customized by platform, frequency, and content category. Publish immediately, add it to your schedule’s queue, schedule for a specific time, or set it to recur at your specified intervals. Optimize scheduling for maximum engagement.

Social Media Channel Analytics

Monitor the KPI metrics that matter to your clients. Analyze cross channel audience growth, activity, and engagement. Figure out what content performs well and at what times for repeatable success.

Customizable Performance Reports

White label your social media reports with your agency’s logo. Automate and schedule reports and include all of the KPIs that your clients care about. Highlight improvements in audience, engagement, goal conversions, and more. 

Team Collaboration
User Permissions

Provide editorial control of publishing to managers. Limit junior employees to draft creation. Allow clients report access and give them the ability to approve content. Administer permissions across multiple projects.

Content Approval Workflows

Create a simple workflow for your employees and clients. Use the permissions so that social media content drafts created by employees need to be approved by senior managers and clients. Stay on brand and avoid PR disasters.

Engagement and Monitoring
Centralized Inbox

Stay up to date with DMs, comments, shares and more with a centralized inbox for your social media channels. Monitor all of your engagements and interact with your audience for yourself or your clients.

Social Monitoring

Set up regular searches and monitor all of the social keywords essential to your client’s business. Keep an eye on conversions surrounding a particular topic. Surface insights that will impact your social strategy.

Manage multiple platforms for multiple clients,  without the headache.

Traject Social has all of the features you and your clients need. We designed the dashboard so you can seamlessly switch between clients and focus on what’s important, managing your client’s social media.

Collaborate with clients and get approval faster

Customize your content review workflow.

Approve your employees work. Send it off to clients faster. Get their approval and schedule it into the calendar. Skip the back and forth. Hit your deadlines, and keep your social media momentum going.

Traject Social is going mobile

Now you can schedule, review, and publish all of your social media content directly from the Traject Social app. Available now on iOS and Android.

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