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How To Become a Traject Blog Guest Contributor

So you want to write for the Traject blog? That’s fantastic news and we’re happy to have you write for us!

We encourage you to cover a topic that is unique, interesting, and relevant to our audience. 

Are you less experienced when it comes to guest posting? Not a problem. We don’t discriminate as long as the quality of your writing, research, and insights bring value to our readers.

Our blog is young, but growing rapidly. It’s a privilege to have you invest your time writing for us. We promise to treat you and your submission with respect and in return ask that you respect our decisions and suggestions when it comes to accepting your content. 

Our audience: Who will you be writing for?

Traject is a suite of digital marketing tools for agencies to help drive growth for their clients. Our audience is primarily digital marketing agency owners, employees, and their clients. 

Now the demographics of our agency audience? They range the gamut. We have hardworking, gritty, solo hustlers. Don’t count out our resourceful, dynamic, freelancers and consultants. We’ve got that entrepreneurial influencer agency, building their brand, their services, their expertise. Boutique marketing agencies? Check. 

We also have a nice variety of SEO professionals, social media managers, local search practitioners, C-Suite data visualizers, and customer experience optimizers.

They are all busy people who come to our blog for interesting concepts, strategies, and tactics that will elevate their own marketing efforts.

Topics we love: What are you writing about?

Have you seen the MarTech ecosystem? It’s massive! How the heck can a marketing agency navigate it all? 

Ideally, we’d love to stay within our wheelhouse.

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy covering everything digital marketing, but let’s focus on the topics most relevant to our audience:

  • Marketing Agency Focus: processes, prospecting, pitching, closing deals, etc.
  • SEO: eCommerce SEO, Local SEO, technical SEO, SEO trends, Google, SEO tools, etc.
  • Social Media: SMM agency services, SMM strategies, content creation, social ads, social media trends
  • Data and Visualization: dashboard visualization, reporting, analysis, metrics and KPIs, business intelligence, etc.
  • Reputation and Customer Experience: Online reviews, review management, customer success, local search, NPS and surveys, CX processes, etc.
  • eCommerce: product reviews, online shopping behavior, eCommerce tools, store tactics and CRO, product listings strategy, Amazon, etc.

For the format of our guest post articles, we accept How-To’s, case studies, research-driven, and strategy focused content.

Writing guidelines: The black and white to get it right.

  • Original content only: Anything that’s plagiarized or unsourced will not be accepted. No exceptions.
  • 2000+ words: Our audience expects articles to be comprehensive, full of examples, and data-driven.
  • Grammar and spelling that adheres to the AP stylebook: At the very least, please run your content through a free tool like Grammarly.
  • SEO considered: While we will be happy to optimize the post, we would prefer if your article applies best practices for SEO. 
    • A primary keyword focus. 
    • Well organized structure including appropriate H2s, H3s, and lists.
    • External links to relevant authoritative support articles. 
    • Internal links to other articles on our blog or other Traject blogs. 
    • High-quality images or videos with alternative text attributes.
  • Tone: Shorter sentences and paragraphs. Speak to the audience. A casual or fun tone is encouraged.
  • Fluffery: Avoid sensationalizing your conclusions or opinions. 

How to submit: Send us the goods and write for us.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below to be considered. We’ll reach out to let you know if it’s the right fit. 

Revisions: We will provide feedback on your first draft. We will provide 2-3 revisions at most. If the article doesn’t adhere to our guidelines and standard, we may politely decline to publish.  

Once the revisions are complete, we will let you know the publish date and shoot over the published article so you can help us get the word out!

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